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Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Eduhiring.com

We welcome you to Eduhiring.com to use our services on a regular basis. We make sure to serve you in our best possible way. We provide you with job opportunities and other related updates.

You agree to our terms and conditions specified below by following our services, please go through them carefully.

Using our services

We provide you our services in order to make you aware of the job opening related updates. So only those in need of a job are offered our services. We do not provide these services for some channel or agency. The data and content provided on our website is for informational purposes only and we do not want anyone to use them for their some business purpose by copying our content. It will be against our usage terms.

Your Eduhiring Account

You can create your own personal Eduhiring account on our website which will facilitate you to use some specialized services designed specifically for account holders only.

As you are exclusively provided with an account id and password, so it is your sole responsibility to manage the safety of the account. Any loss arising out of any unauthorized activity on your account is your liability.

Privacy and Copyright Protection

We value your privacy and making sure that your data is safe.  We make sure that your data is not copied upon by anyone else. In case of any such complaint, we will block the duplicate accounts.

Your Content in our Services

Our website may sometime ask you to upload some of your data like a display photo for your account and resume along with any other document. The same is safe and will be shared only with the prospective verified employers registered with us.

Modifying and Terminating our Services

We are clear with a vision to keep serving you with our best of the services, but it is not our obligation to do so. We will continue to operate and serve you until we are able to operate risk-free. Any future change that may bring financial risk, will certainly bind us to modify our services or terminate the same as will be feasible.

About these terms

Users are to must abide by the above-said terms and conditions till the time they continue using our services. Also, our terms and conditions are liable to change at any point of time due to several reasons. The changes in the terms and conditions may be due to any reason including a change in market conditions or a change in the legal framework within which we have to operate considering our boundaries.

Although we are free to change our terms and conditions, we will bring it to your notice well in advance.