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Success Report: The New Delhi Student’s unexpected success at age of 24

Sandeep Sharma, who is 24 years old now used to be an ordinary cashier in a supermarket after he was expelled from a university. Now he is one of the youngest millionaires in the world who was able to earn 12,658 dollars during the last month. Sharma told us his story of success while playing online Games.

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Our family always had little money. All my life I needed to save because we did not have money even when I was a child. I could not ask my parents about candies, toys just because I knew that they earn just for a simple life without luxuries.

The one thing that I dreamed about from the childhood is to study in a college or university. I dreamed of being the first in my family who get a college degree because I used to think that the college degree would help me to Earn a lot of money and I will be able to support our family. Also, I hoped to get a financial freedom that I always dreamed about.

I basically make $6,000-$8,000 a month online.

So after graduation from middle school, I took an education loan and began to work as a cashier in a local supermarket to pay it off.

Hard work in a supermarket took me hours, and I was always tired, did not have enough time to sleep and began to miss classes. I could not stop working or reduce the number of shifts because I needed to pay off a loan. I had problems at the University because I always missed classes. At last, I was expelled from the University. So, I was left without education with a big loan that I needed to pay off.

It was the hardest time in my life, however, now I realise that this test was given to me to become stronger. When everything is against you. I had no choice; I needed to pay off my debt. I did not want to be a cashier further who lives in poverty all his life and dreams of getting a college degree somehow in the future. So, I was eager to find any other way of earning money and took any advantage of each opportunity.

I surfed the net once and found a YouTube video about Playing online Games.  I became interested because the method was pretty easy.