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Disclaimer is something that limits the responsibility of a party in an agreement or contract. But, this term is also used when we instead of entering into a contract, indulge in a mutual dealing that may or may not involve the payment of some consideration.

Here at, Eduhiring.com, we want to inform you about the area of our responsibility or limit in other words. We are a job information platform, serving all of those in need of a job or seeking to switch to another job from their present one. We provide all of the job-related updates also in good faith. All of the information provided on our website is our own created but sourced directly from the job providing organization.

Although, we are a job recruitment information serving platform providing regular updates but we are never obliged to do so in case we are not able to do so.

Authenticity and Accuracy

All of the job-related information provided on our website is genuine and accurate to 100% degree. We always provide you with verified information after cross verification only. Even if you have any queries or find anything irrelevant please contact us immediately on our official email-id.

Email Address

We collect the information regarding you and your Email id for our communication purpose. We do not share the same to a third party unless and until you permit us to do so. The details are never sold for our monetary or non-monetary benefit. Usually, email is asked for sending the job-related news and updates direct to your inbox, so as you do not miss on any of them.


We have third party links on our website, which may attract you to visit them offering various benefits and advantages. We are not obliged to remove them as those are used to earn some revenue for covering the cost of operation and service. Those links are never verified and checked by us, so it is the user’s responsibility to first cross-check and verifies the authenticity of those third party links. Any future loss arising out of entering into a deal with any such third party is not under our responsibility to compensate you for the same. So, please verify first and then enter into any contract.

Content Validity

All the information we provide on our website is valid according to the subject time only. So the validity of the data is about to expire after a specific time. Check the content validity till which it will remain constant.

Copyrights Issue

All the data we provide on our website is our own and under our rights of use. We never allow any third party to copy and use the same without our permission. If anyone is found indulging in any such unethical activity, he or she will have to face legal complications. In case you find any such person or party, email us on eduhiring@gmail.com